County Scenes

An interesting customer walked into the store yesterday.
Peggy deWitt, a local commercial photographer, has a studio called Paper Images in nearby Picton. She was participating in the 2004 Amazing Loyalist Country Adventure Weekend, and must have noticed the roadside sign outside our store.

Anyway, Peggy was looking closely at our display of original paintings by Gary McMurray, an Ottawa artist who grew up in Belleville. She had seen many of the places in these paintings, being a professional photographer in the area for years. "Actually, I've photographed many of these places, myself," she said, opening a book she was holding. "Have you seen my book, County Scenes?"

I thought we might have found the perfect buyer for a painting, someone with a good eye and artistic appreciation; she thought I might like her book. She was right. County Scenes is a beautiful collection of photographs of Prince Edward County. I think I'll buy the book to keep here in the Rednersville Country Store.


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