Rednersville Loyalist History

The Loyalist Gazette, published twice yearly by the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada, contains articles and pictures of the American Revolutionary War period in the history of Prince Edward County.

There's an article in the Gazette from a few years back about Roger Redner, a local re-enactor of the loyalist history of Prince Edward County. In that article, Peter Johnson writes,
You won't find Roger Redner wearing a military uniform, nor the most elaborate forms of buckskin, but get him near blacksmith's equipment and his eyes will light up. Roger lives near Ameliasburgh ON, on one of the old family farms, and with the Redner surname it is a given that he has a Loyalist ancestor.
When James Redner bought the country store building in 1851 the local newspaper was the Picton Gazette, established in 1830, which survives today as the oldest community newspaper in Canada. But most of the news of the day concerning the early residents of Prince Edward County was shared by word of mouth. Over the years, the Rednersville Country Store became the hub of the neighbourhood, where locals would stop by and share the news while they picked up their mail and bought a few supplies.

Today, the country store is where Canadian and American tourists, and antique collectors from around the Qunite Region, stop by to find antiques and collectibles--and it's a great place to share stories of the Loyalist history of Prince Edward County, surrounded by artifacts of the period.

And Rednersville now has a community publication online, the Rednersville Loyalist. Okay, this is just a little weblog on the internet, but it's read around the world. So, if you've got a story to tell the neighbours or the whole world concerning our little community, just send an e-mail containing your news or gossip to and we'll help you get the word out.


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