Rednersville on Tour

There's a nice little article in the Travel section of the Sun Media newspapers that talks about some of the interesting and unusual spots to see while touring the Backroads of Prince Edward County. Among those mentioned, is "Birdhouse City" south of Picton.
In the 1980s a local citizen with a passion for wood carving created a few birdhouses including one modelled after the former Massasauga Hotel. Others in the community were inspired to contribute their own efforts. Now there are over 90 birdhouses, many of which are reproductions of historic buildings in the county!
Maybe we should get that cabinetmaker down the road near Albury to make a birdhouse modeled on the Rednersville Country Store that could be added to the collection of landmark buildings on display at Birdhouse City.

There are other highlights on this particular tour, including what's said to be the "oldest road in Ontario" County Road 64 near Carrying Place. (You'd think County Road 1 would be older, but we don't do the numbering around these parts.) Our own choice little spot in the region, on County Road 3, is kindly mentioned on the tour guide's map.
This tour takes us through Rednersville, which has the oldest general store in Ontario; Picton, the main port through which Loyalists entered the county; the ghost towns of Eatonville and Centre; and Glenora, which was once home to John A. Macdonald.

At one time, Prince Edward County, east of Toronto, was considered a backwater. But in recent years a lot of people have begun moving here...
Some come to retire or retreat in what's become known as simply The County; others come here to start a new business. In the weeks ahead, we'll talk more about some of the great little businesses right here in the County.


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