Wayback Times

The Wayback Times is a bi-monthly Ontario newspaper for the antique lover, the traveler and the newcomer to antiques. It offers a new, friendly forum to learn about Ontario's history and Canada's memories through antiques. Curiously enough, it's published not far from the Rednersville Country Store—right on Rednersville Road—if you can believe the coincidence.

The Wayback Times is free. (How's that for a deal?) The paper gets widespread circulation through most of the better antique shops, and at all of the major antique shows. So, ask for it from your local dealers and read the articles from past issues online.

One article in particular caught our attention—"In the Hunt." In that article, Yvonne Butorac wrote about the architecture and antiques of our area.
Sometimes where the hunt takes you is as interesting as the hunt itself. On a recent visit to the editor's territory I was as struck by Prince Edward County's wonderful heritage buildings as I was by the antiques offered in the local shops. Somehow hunting for treasures surrounded by reminders of an area's rich history enhances the experience.
Our sentiments, exactly. Hopefully, Yvonne will stop by our heritage country store next time she's hunting for antiques and collectibles in the County. We'd love to have a visit and share stories about wayback times.


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