Miss Rednersville?

We love to get email from folks who grew up in this area or who used to live in Prince Edward County and have re-discovered the Rednersville Country Store by nostalgically googling around the internet looking for Rednersville.

We've even had people email us who used to work here in the country store in bygone days—like this note from Shirley LaPalm, who married Russ Fralick:
Hi, I was browsing around on the internet and thought I'd see what came up for Rednersville, and was so surprised to see your wonderful website! I grew up in Rednersville, lived there for 15 years, I even worked in the Country Store for a summer. It was owned by Paul Boyd at that time and run by the Conways. I remember when it had a lunch counter, at one time it had a barber shop in the front window. It sure has changed over the years and it's nice to see it back to it's original condition. I loved viewing the pictures on your site, it brings back a lot of memories, it was a great place to grow up, swimming at Dempsey's dock in the summer, tobagganing at Redners dump in the winter. I live in B.C. and haven't been back in 8 years but each time I come back I always have to stop in at the Country Store. It was over 30 years ago that we lived there, we lived beside the church, the house is long gone now, but our name was LaPalm, I wonder if anyone remembers us.

Thanks for your site on Rednersville, I really enjoyed it and will visit often.—Russ and Shirley Fralick
If you're stopping by for a visit at the Rednersville Country Store online, and have a story to tell about the store or the area, please don't hesitate to send us an email, even if you just want to say, "Hi, I miss Rednersville."


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