Albury Cemetery

One of the interesting spots to visit along Rednersville Road is the Albury Cemetery. The history of this old graveyard is recorded at the Albury Cemetery Research Wesbsite.
Its European origins date back to the Loyalists who settled here in the last part of the 1700s after fleeing the United States following the Revolution. Prior to the arrival of the Loyalists, it was an important hunting, fishing, and water route for the Mohawk nation.

A history of the Cemetery was written for inclusion into the 1998 Albury Church Centennial Book and has been included here as Albury Cemetery History.
Grave markers can be of great interest to historians, and to antiquarians as well. Why, just this weekend, the headstone from the grave of a stray tabby cat named Winkle went at auction by Sotheby's in London for over £200,000. I kid you not.


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