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It was great to receive an email today from a lady we met at the 25th International Antique Tool Auction in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Judy Eaton was with the sellers of the Sandusky Plow Plane that had been consigned to Brown's for the historic auction described here on Saturday, October 23.

We were delighted that she sent us the following email with a photograph of Clarence and Tom Feick, who were all smiles after the sale of the ebony and ivory Sandusky Presentation Plow Plane for the world-record price of $104,000.
Hi John and Jason,

My name is Judy and I was the lady you talked to with the Sandusky plane owner Tom. Your coverage on your site is wonderful. I love the live auction sound.

That was the most exciting thing I have ever been involved with. I have included a picture that you might add to your site. It is of Clarence and Tom Feick after the auction. Use as you wish. It was nice to meet you and I'm sorry that you didn't take it ("Sandy") home. It went to a Pennsylvania collector and from talking to him afterwards he will be sharing the scholarship of the piece as it is gathered.

My husband and I will keep the info on your shop and may stop by next year when we are out and about. Canada is on our list. Again, thanks for the nice coverage. I was a little disappointed as one of the tool sites was saying they thought it was fake and possibly a marriage or extensive redo. I couldn't get on to comment but I have about fifteen pictures of it before it went to Clarence and it was "restored" with soap and water and a little polish on the rusty screws—otherwise pristine. But I guess there will always be naysayers.—Judy Eaton, Mount Joy, PA
Being a cabinetmaker, it was a special treat for me to hold the one-of-a-kind ebony and ivory Sandusky Plow Plane in my carpenter hands. And, as a serious collector of fine antique woodworking tools, it was thrill for me to witness this historic auction. But half the fun of antique tool shows and auctions is the people you meet, and it certainly was a pleasure meeting these nice folks.


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