S. Skinner & Co. Earthenware

We've got an interesting jug by S. Skinner & Co., made in Prince Edward County, then known as Canada West. This fine example of Skinner crockery, being offered for sale on our eBay auctions, is a 2 gallon jug with a cobalt blue tree.

S. Skinner & Co. was in business in nearby Picton from 1855 to 1867. Now, in the shade of the trees at the Glenwood Cemetery on Grove Street in Picton, Mr. Skinner is resting in peace.


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S. Skinner nephew of W.Hart was One of the earliest potters in Ontario. Public records show that the matierials used by Skinner and Co. were of the finest quality from around the world. History shows that salt used for glazing the wares and high quality clay shipped by boats from New Jersey to Picton. Was used in creating some of the worlds most durable, attractive and high quality stonewares ever produced. Stoneware of exceptional quality crafted during the Mid 1800's was often decorated with Blue Colbalt slip. S Skinner excelled as a potter, and grew to become one of Canadas greatest artisans as a potter and stoneware decorator. Without exception W. Hart and S. Skinner created Canadas finest quality stonewares.

April 23, 2009 9:03 PM  

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