The Canadian Antiques Roadshow on CBC

Canada is getting its own version of the popular British series Antiques Roadshow. The BBC show features ordinary people who have their family heirlooms appraised by antiques experts. Viewers tune in to watch how the participants react when they are told their treasures are immensely valuable, or just interesting collectibles. According to the CBC Program Guide:
The Canadian Antiques Roadshow has the same principles as the British and American versions, including well-known appraisers from across the country, but features artifacts and memorabilia held by Canadian people. From thrift store finds to family heirlooms, and from coast to coast, Canadian people share the stories behind their objects, reflecting our diverse and multi-textured culture. Ultimately, the story is as important as the appraisal.
The show's name is a bit of a misnomer, as it's not just about Canadian antiques, actually, as it is about antiques owned by Canadians, or with some other connection to Canada. You'll have to watch and see if anyone you know from the County gets on TV.


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