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For a small hamlet that is found by Google Maps but is not yet named on that map, it was big news around here when Rednersville got a high speed cable internet connection.

It makes me think about the olden days, when the Rednersville Country Store used to be the central hub of communications for the surrounding community. Then, folks would stop by the store to pick up supplies and send or pick up their mail since the store served as the local post office.

And, in the days before everyone around here had a phone, neighbours could make a telephone call from the store when they came to buy supplies. One way or another, the country store has always been the first in the neighbourhood to get the latest communications technologies, and the place where local people would go to get in touch with people in the big cities.

So it is today, when we got our high speed Cogeco cable internet service. (Download speed : 4740076 bps, or 4628 kbps. A 578.6 KB/sec transfer rate. Upload speed : 629921 bps, or 615 kbps.)

We've been really busy around here these past few months, getting ready to re-open the antique shop for regular hours by mid-April, alongside a new concept we'll be opening in the retail space at the rear of the building that will need all that new bandwidth. We can't be more specific about our plans for the new concept yet, but our regular readers here will be the first to know when we announce the news of yet another reason to come by way of Rednersville.


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